June 25, 2008

...and with Minis

and here's the town with minis

Town done

I finally finished the CNC buildings Smile

here's the town so far on top of a cobblestone mat from Lemax

I'm pretty happy with the way the flowerbox turned out

June 21, 2008

I was trawling for good inspiration at this point for more buildings including the essentials like the Summ Bar

Well found some pics of the Secret of Monkey Island SCUMM Smile BAR

not the most detailed pic in the world, it's much easier to find pics of the inside. Am I the only one to notice that the interior and exterior do not match. Oh well.

It's surprising how much the look changed between games though. Makes it a tricky choice what look to go for. The above shots were all from Secret of Monkey Island

Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge looked like this

Curse of Monkey Island (3) looked completely different and was done like a cartoon

makes it hard to decide on a look. I do quite like the whitewashed MI3 look though.

I recently saw this great animation called PYRATS done as the opening to a French film/animation festival


there's some great concept art and the background paintings here


June 20, 2008

Building 3 & Palm Trees

Here's the 3rd building all done apart from paint, though some areas are painted before assembly.

I tried a different look for the front here with coffee stirrers glued on the front and pillars extended with offcuts of mdf then the rail added using match sticks.

I've also put some effort towards the lighthouse using an old clear plastic container and some 1cm wire mesh. Getting it attached at the join and lined up was a bit tricky.

and lastly some much needed palm trees thanks to a cake decoration suppliers I found online. I've based these on washers with some knead it putty to form some roots and hold em down.

June 19, 2008


Was just adding a hand rail and some pillars to the last building last night. Still needs a bit of brick work dremelled into the corners and walls. Will post new pics tonight after I get that done and then on to finishing painting it and building 2.

Then on to the real challenge, doing some buildings from scratch. I've been doing up some sketches, want to have a church and a big building with a clock tower, and of course need a governor's mansion, though not sure how to make that one yet design wise. I was going to just use another Chinese wooden building but they've been out of stock of the one I want for over a month now Sad not sure if or when they will get them in again.

Here's the sketches

this one is a kind of rambling crazy Five Fingers style vertical building

and here's a very Booty Bay inspired layout for a town

Started painting Building 2

Few updates

Building 2 is at the assembled, glued and mostly painted. Here it is with all the plaster filler stuff spread around on the corners and randomly on the walls to add more texture.

and a fancy little roof I added over the door of the still unassembled building 3