June 1, 2008

CNC Building 1 painted

Yo ho ho the big building be done. Got busy yesterday engraving away with the dremel to cut decking into the top of the building since it seemed like less hassle than gluing decking down onto it.

after that I started painting, I realized I'd have to try and paint this unassembled to get the decking done and get the window sills done on the inside of the room

so after painting all the walls with a starting coat and all the basic detail done I reassembled the thing, which was a pain with paint making all the joints too tight. Got it all glued together with PVA and then tried out some Bostik Plaster Filler in a tube on the corners and around the walls to roughen em up some more

once all that was dry I did a few more coats of the texture paint and a bunch of drybrushing later she is complete Smile

nice thing to put under the balcony is these tavern pieces by Grendel

now on to the next building

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