May 27, 2008

Detailing the CNC building 1

Now on to the building that's been taking up most of my time trying to work out what to do. After cutting out the arches on the long wall I also cut out a couple arches either side of it. Last night I finally had a go at cutting out some windows from the 2nd floor room, using match sticks for the frame and icecream sticks for the shutters with split match sticks for the cross bits. I also got the idea to go crazy with the dremel, something I haven't played with for ages and after drawing in the brick lines engraved them into the wall for places where the plaster has fallen away. I think this last touch really gives a nice worn feeling to the building and a sense of scale. Last things left to do are put a wall on the ground floor since with the arches cut in the whole bottom floor is open from end to end. Also think I should work on the stairs, they are designed for minis with bases to stand on, but just look odd. What do you think be mini friendly or look good?

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