June 19, 2008


Was just adding a hand rail and some pillars to the last building last night. Still needs a bit of brick work dremelled into the corners and walls. Will post new pics tonight after I get that done and then on to finishing painting it and building 2.

Then on to the real challenge, doing some buildings from scratch. I've been doing up some sketches, want to have a church and a big building with a clock tower, and of course need a governor's mansion, though not sure how to make that one yet design wise. I was going to just use another Chinese wooden building but they've been out of stock of the one I want for over a month now Sad not sure if or when they will get them in again.

Here's the sketches

this one is a kind of rambling crazy Five Fingers style vertical building

and here's a very Booty Bay inspired layout for a town

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