February 11, 2013

Garrus Vakarian Play Arts Kai repaint finished

The repaint on Garrus went rather easily. I worked through several highlights then worked in shading using Army Painter Dark Tone (the new Devlin Mud) to define his facial features and the horns from the face plates. A good wash over his neck and plates on the back too. Then the tricky bit of smoothing it all out then adding in the tattoos. Considering the ease of finding reference it wasn't too hard. I'm just unsure if he should have been more warm toned, pics range from very tan coloured to almost white grey. I kept him grey but tried to keep it at the warm side using Menoth highlight rather than straight white.

 photo IMG_1367_zpse42735d5.jpg

 photo IMG_4449_zps6e2dc0fa.jpg

 photo IMG_1369_zpsb278a033.jpg

 photo IMG_1371_zpsc4081fcd.jpg

 photo IMG_1373_zps0d8aaef5.jpg

 photo IMG_1380_zpse3c4540f.jpg

 photo IMG_1379_zps82fe2eb1.jpg

 photo IMG_1376_zpsd03608c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1378_zps47c3900e.jpg

 photo IMG_1377_zps952cf86d.jpg

and here he is back together and looking pretty good

 photo IMG_1387_zps8944e7ae.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zpsf8c64407.jpg

 photo IMG_1391_zps4129ba61.jpg

 photo IMG_1384_zps9b0368f5.jpg

 photo IMG_1385_zps7bf66376.jpg


  1. Awesome! You're an amazing sculptor!

  2. Thankyou but I can't take the credit for the sculpting on Garrus, I just repainted him.

  3. As I told you, now's perfect.

  4. Sorry for commenting on a post that's a year old, but this gave me the courage to have a go and repaint my Garrus, even though I've never done anything like this before. So, thank you!

    (I ended up with this: https://twitter.com/melissagraf/status/551680317996556288)