February 8, 2013

Hey Shaggy NEW LOOTS!

I succumbed to Hasslefree's Snowed In sale and finally bought myself their Scooby Gangs that I've been wanting since I bought Betrayal at House on the Hill. So I got the regular version

 photo IMG_4437_zps48997aec.jpg

and the all tooled up zombie hunter versions as well. I really have to get a couple copies of Armorcast van now, one normal and one post apoc.

 photo IMG_4434_zpsf449eeef.jpg

I also took the opportunity to grab some resins that they stock such as the Borderlands loot crates and a rather small Tardis that looks a bit warped  :(

 photo IMG_4432_zps3584ae2c.jpg

I also got the rather nice version of Ebob's Good and the Ugly plus a donkey to go with my cowboys collection

 photo IMG_4429_zpsab98d964.jpg

and I totally forgot I even ordered the RAFM versions of Hit Girl and Big Daddy from Kick Ass, now I regret not getting Kick Ass himself from Hasslefree, oh well next time.

 photo IMG_4431_zpsc0609adc.jpg

oh and just to prove I am painting stuff, this lot is all on the table being worked on a bit at a time

 photo IMG_4271_zpsebca9582.jpg

I did the skin basing and wash on all of them together.

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  1. You need to finish all those cowboys before starting on the various pop culture zombie hunters! :)