April 1, 2015

Noh Empire Part 1 - Assembling Kasaro-to

Although the Relic Knight version of Kasaro-To goes together really easily with just a few bits of sprue needing to be snipped off there is a ridiculous amount of work in cleaning off all the mold lines and then a hell of a fight to get the Foo Dog to actually fit on it's base. Having looked after the fact it seems everyone else makes an oversized base topper so there is room for it's wide stance to fit. Me I used hot water and brute force to bend the legs into position to stand within the base size. The only areas I found needed some putty work was one side of his chin had an airbubble in it so needed filling out, a bit of gap under his chin and the join between the right arm and his shoulder where the arm joins on. It's an unusual join I haven't seen on other models, I needed to softer the join with superglue and a bit of filler putty. I also was either too enthusiastic with my sanding or his nails were short on his left foot so I resculpted them to match the long nails of the right foot.

By base top was made from some cork sheet cut to size to fit within the circle. I was looking at some Secret Weapon bases for inspiration, I was going to buy a heap of them but it started adding up too quickly due to the large bases for the Noh so made my own instead. The step was made by cutting the cork in half. Cracks were added with a knife. For the cobblestones I put down a layer of filler plaster then after giving a few minutes to set up a bit started carving into it with a sculpting tool to make stones. I used the left over of the step to make the small base top and did the cobblestones the same way. I ended up having to carve out gaps in the bottom step to fit the front feet of the Dog but I am happy with the result.

After a white prime

I also built a Warsenal Tori gate for a nice themed terrain piece.

Started painting him on the weekend. Few greys drybrushed in succession for the bases, then some strong tone inks for extra shading. I'll likely add a touch of colour later along with some grass clumps.

spent quite a bit of time doing the pale purple on the belly plate.

Hair and face done.

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