April 3, 2015

Noh Empire Part 5 - Converting Darkspace Rin Farrah to Yoko Litner

Since I'm a big fan of Yoko from Gurren Lagann I had to get Darkspace Rin Farrah the cosplaying version of the Cerci Speed Circuit sniper, that she worked for my faction was a big bonus. Problem is she's like about 70% Yoko so what did I have to do to get the rest of the way?

1st obvious thing is the gun is wrong and tiny in comparison to Yoko's anti-beast rifle. I used the Revoltech Yoko's gun for reference and drew a miniature scaled version  of it on paper before cutting out the bits and then assembling around the original arms. I scratch built my new one from aluminium tubing, brass hexagonal tubing, wire, plastic card of various thickness a bit of plastic tubing and the original barrel of Rin's gun which ended up being the body of the scope. Pretty happy with the result.

For her hair I shaved back the sun glasses and fringe and resculpted the fringe to match my figures. The bangs were sculpted around bits of wire drilled in and glued in place. I really wish I could have given Yoko her pony tail but the way her big hair is joined is to a large socket on her back not to the back of her head. If her back had been sculpted normally I totally would have cut back the hair and done it. In the movie Yoko does pull out the 2 chopsticks and let her hair out though so I guess I get away with it loose. That's also why I didn't add the sticks.

I also added high heels, changed the angle on the leading foot, redid the knee and some other small stuff.

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  1. An amazing conversion. I like the new gun a lot and look forward to see her painted