October 16, 2007

Converting Captain Phineus Shae

To go with my pirate jacks I had to convert the warcaster a bit just to make him a bit more presentable. Shae is a cool looking character on the cover of No Quarter but a bit subdued in the sculpt. So I changed his stance a bit while modifying very little, basically I bent his leg a little and his foot and made him stand on a cannonball smashed into the deck (an idea I got from these resin bases someone makes). I bent up the sash to be more dramatic, after that I bent his left arm down a bit and straightened it a tad so that he'd be aiming his gun rather than just waving it around. The gun though seemed a bit small especially when it's called a hand cannon in the rules so I cut it in half and extended the middle part as well as adding a flint lock mechanism on the side cause well I think flint locks look cool. After that I messed a round at the back and cut under the coat that is wind swept back so I could jam a scabbard under there, which I push molded off of one of the other pirates. lastly I added a full bucket hilt to his sword since the basket hilt he had didn't look piratey enough.

I kind of feel I should have given him a hat, but the upcoming pirate Broadside Bart has a big hat with a feather and I've already made Shae quite similar pose wise so the lack of hat will keep them looking different.

I got around to painting him up during the week since I got my GD stuff done, I went with a colour scheme pretty close to the original cover art of him rather than the studio paint job which I think is rather bland. Of course I added stripes cause what's a pirate without stripes.

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