February 26, 2010

More old minis - Necromunda Escher gang

I need to sort out photos from my last painting rush for Golden Demons last year, will try and post them up this weekend. In the mean time here's more pics saved from the old site.

Looking at these, man they have aged. No one would paint minis these bright now a days, and the dark lining is way too thick. I should look through the boxes of unpainted lead and paint some of the unpainted Eschers I know I saved.


  1. I saw these models on your old website, Rob. I loved your necromunda stuff. especially your goliath gang. I would love to see more of them again.

    So inspiring!

  3. It was supposed to be "brillianT" of course... ;)

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for putting these up again. They were a real inspiration to me when I first saw them years ago, and gave me the confidence to do some converting of my own for the first time. I definitely did the hand flamer juve and the boltgun ganger. Possibly the flamer ganger too.
    Also, bright colours are good on Escher - I look back on my drab black and green ones and wish I'd painted them in crazy neons!

    Anyway, thanks again.