February 20, 2011

Fairwell Friendly Local Game Store

After decades of supplying minis and board games and all that other handy hobby stuff including a place to play them and occasionally sit around painting them or just talking about em Tin Soldier Sydney closed it's doors for the last time. I'd followed the store around the city through the years from the Dymocks Building when I 1st got into this hobby years before GW would go relatively main stream by opening it's own stores and start brainwashing little munchkins, years before Magic the Gathering and it's effects on the hobby by bringing in collectability into the hobby, it moved to the Mid City Centre across from Hobbyco when it too moved there, then it's move to Kent St and oddly next door to itself when it moved again. They've always been in pretty obscure spots that you'd never walk in to off the street but if you knew to look they always had way more stuff than the competing stores. It's already weird not being able to drop by there on a Thrursday night to just have a browse of the latest Reaper minis or the latest board game that someone had picked up and was inflicting on others to justify buying it (I know this feeling well). The chain isn't gone for good, they still have online and a store way way out west in Penrith but I'm going to miss em in the city.

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