May 13, 2015

Painting Mice & Mystics

Been meaning to paint this game since I 1st saw it, such nice minis of the mice adventurers.

1st thing I did was make a new base for the spider since it's base was badly curled. I tried the hot water fix a couple times but it wouldn't stay flat. About time I tried this circle cutter, then etched some cobblestones.

Everything primed black. Decided to try airbrushing the initial base colours on these.

The yucky roaches were sprayed up to a highlight brown then darkened on the front with Tamiya smoke which also made them shiny.

Then painted base around them.


After airbrushing the colours up to highlights I painted in edges and lots of hairs on the spiders back then finished off with the creepy green eyes.

Wonderfully creepy centipede mostly airbrushed highlight the  shaded with smoke  for shade and glossiness then hand painted red legs and pincers then finish off the eyes. Did all of these in one day.

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