January 21, 2013

Blackwater Gulch - The Clancy Gang finished

After a marathon painting session with my friend trying to paint Los Bandidos Mexicanos and The Bloodwolf Tribe as well as some Judge Dredd minis I finished off the Clancy's as well as some lasercut objective marker terrain.

So here is the gang

 photo IMG_1178-1_zps65c969bb.jpg

 photo IMG_1169-1_zpsa4e2849a.jpg

 photo IMG_1173-1_zps0fc90c2a.jpg

 photo IMG_1181-1_zps346a3257.jpg

 photo IMG_1182-1_zpsffe367c5.jpg

 photo IMG_1189-1_zpse7018a3e.jpg

 photo IMG_1190-1_zps5803dbbd.jpg

 photo IMG_1191-1_zpsc0b2420a.jpg

 photo IMG_1193-1_zps7cdb7fc3.jpg

 photo IMG_1192_zps61e4bfb0.jpg

 photo IMG_1194-1_zpse11e3582.jpg

 photo IMG_1195_zps3090dc67.jpg

 photo IMG_1196_zps04756551.jpg

 photo IMG_1197_zps54728689.jpg

 photo IMG_1200_zpsb5fce8e0.jpg

 photo IMG_1199-1_zpsb4a89d88.jpg

 photo IMG_1198-1_zpsdb9ffd56.jpg

 photo IMG_1185-1_zps7ae59913.jpg

 photo IMG_1186-1_zps91d3fee9.jpg

 photo IMG_1183-1_zpse7a12ebb.jpg

 photo IMG_1184-1_zps7b7205d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1187-1_zps0f210208.jpg

 photo IMG_1188-1_zpsf04074fd.jpg

Glad I got them all done in time. After taking the photos we packed them and the town up to go to Cancon next weekend. Hope Andrew manages to get his gangs done as well.

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