July 31, 2014

X-wing Repaints #1

I know I've been neglecting the blog so thought I'd start getting it flowing again by reposting stuff I've been putting up on the FFG X-wing forums. I've gotten totally addicted to the game since it pushes all the right buttons: a love of the original Holy Trilogy, the wonderful extra ships that popped up in the 90s X-wing and TIE Fighter series of PC games, the console Rogue Squadron games and even Dark Forces and the Jedi Knight series. The game is easy to learn, has straight forward rules, they actively put effort into keeping the thing balanced and the FAQs are up to date. Oh and the game comes prepainted so you can crack open a starter set and immediately start playing after popping out the tokens. I of course could not leave well enough alone with the prepainted ships:

After seeing so many repaints on the forums I finally cracked and got to work on my fleets.

Started with just wanting to light up the engine glows but it's hard to just stop there.

Once I started dirtying up one X-wing I couldn't stop and kept going lining all the ships with Deep or Dark wash from Army Painter. Then of course I had to do the yellow markings and the red number markings, then i started looking at the movie models and adding more markings like the candy stripes, the red lines around the engine intakes and the heap of yellow on Wedge's X-wing and of course all the R2 units painted silver then colours ove the top.

Used a mix of Model Color fleuro magenta and orange to get the right colour then a bit of white mixed in then straight white in the middle to get the nice glow effect. For the big ships I pulled out the airbrush

So far I've only done the glow on these, need to get to work on detailing up the rest and converting one of the Falcons

also made some asteroids from lava rocks

One thing is that after painting the Rogue squadron markings on you feel compelled to run them as the characters instead of just Rookie pilots. In their 1st game they seem to gain some luck though since even Biggs managed not to die and you can see Wedge lining up a sweet Expose shot. Can see a few of my tokens I designed too in the last few shots.

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