July 31, 2014

Firestorm Armada Terrans

Since I was already painting up my X-wing stuff my mate talked me into painting up a starter fleet of Firestorm Armada Terrans to have some painted examples for their con store. I took it as a chance to play with my at the time pretty new gravity feed double action airbrush and some Vallejo Air paints.

I started with Panzer Grey then worked up to a medium Tamiya Grey. Then I sprayed the glows in Ultramarine Blue followed by Cyan then White. The Engines were done in fluero orange then a touch of yellow.

After that the ships got drybrushed a bit in lighter greys all over to bring out the edges and detail. Then bits were picked out in metallics and stripes were added for a bit of extra detailing. Then I used GW washes to trace and shade in panel lines and detail like the turrets to make them pop out more. The main fleet was actually all painted in a day :D

Since I got through the starter set so quickly I grabbed a few more ships to and a station to add some variety to the fleet. Pretty much the defining feature of the shield ships is the big glows I did on the generators on their sides and the engine bloom on the back. For the station I kind of went a bit Thunderbirds and made it green so it'd just be different. I masked the detail bits on the sides to spray the white stripes then painted on the diagonals for the hazard stripes before peeling off the tape. Happy it mostly didn't bleed under the tape.


They look pretty dramatic on the a space mat and with the DSLR flash all the painted glows just jump out immensely.

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