August 1, 2014

Dropzone Commander UCM and Tomytec N scale buildings

My friend Andrew wants me to dabble in Dropzone so gave me a small start of a force 1 dropship, 2 APCs and a pack of troops to pour out of them. This is the second time I've painted up some UCM forces, I knocked out a demo force of them a couple years back at MOAB convention when the game had just arrived on Aus shores.

Damn they are tiny little buggers

I painted them on the sprue in solid colours using a scheme close to Colonial Marines or Halo marines then did a wash once they were based then picked out the sleeves and pants again to keep them contrasty with the darker green armour. I'm surprised how much detail is crammed onto them.

I dare say you might pick the influence for the markings and colour scheme I've chosen for my vehicles. I wanted the APCs to really clip to the Dropship too so I added some 3mm magnets to their roofs and the bottom spine of the lifter just behind the clamps.

Now onto the reason I wanted to knock them out so quickly. My neighbour has been a collector of N scale trains for years though he recently discovered some sellers direct from Japan selling Kato trains which he really likes along with their buildings and these incredible prepainted ones from a company called Tomytec. I helped him assemble them tonight. They went together really easily with just a few dabs of superglue to hold the tiny stuff in place.

Was nice to see Dropzone matches the figure size for N scale

When I first saw the counters I couldn't believe the insanity of the detail with clear front and shelves inside with stock on it in the bakery and butchers stores


Oh and did I mention it's about $12-16 for a pair of these shops