August 12, 2014

Armored Hull YT-1300 Conversion #4


Masking the engines to spray dark, drybrush then add glows before gluing down the engine deck.

Some preshading

I went with the same blue glow as my other Falcons but I'm a little unsure if maybe I should have gone a firey orange instead. May re airbrush them after the rest of the ship is done, though that sill probably be tricky getting under the back deck.

I'm unsure about the turret hub bit, I think I'll paint the entire round bit red. So far the top of the bow and the rear deck have also been drybrushed a bit to give a very weathered and faded look much like the streaky painted look from the Clone Wars, will do the same to the rest of the red before adding lots of panel variation and all the darklining the panels.

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