August 8, 2014

Armored Hull YT-1300 Conversion #2

And here I go nuts looking at the details on the Falcon instead of the farely sparce illustration in the book and start coverring the thing in gribbly detail.

Next I put in a new floor at the back and put in some sides before making a new flat top for the engine deck. Again lots of scribing and a radiator made from layered plasticard.

For the new engines I started blutacing some barrels and wheels and bits with some vernier parts attached. I kept adjusting the arrangement of the engines until inspiration hit me for filling in what to build my engines onto.

LEGO! or to be precise some Megabloks left over bricks which I didn't mind putting glue on, don't think I could bring myself to deface real LEGO

Doing the engine area took most of a day. I again went nuts with the gribblies adding pipes, and details inside the bulkheads around the engines.