August 28, 2014

Another YT-1300 Conversion

Back with more repaints and conversions

1st up another YT-1300 conversion I did on commission

He wanted the cockpit to be a bit higher and for me not to cut off the bottom mandible in the middle since that is supposed to be where cargo goes in, though I've never been clear how. After these shots though I also took off the piping detail and filled in the pit to the right of the cockpit so it's a much smoother ship than the normal one.

Was nice painting something to a very exact scheme, the guy photoshopped the pattern he wanted over a drawing of the ship from the Haynes manual. i think it turned out quite striking.

with my freighter fleet of flying hamburgers


  1. Heh, I remember hearing the "hamburger" story back in the day. It sounds silly but it definitely inspired a distinctive and enduring design. I don't think the Millennium Falcon would be as iconic as it is today if it'd been more conventionally "rocket like" or even the design that ultimately became the Tantive V.

    Anyway, nice fleet. "Stellar" conversion work on all of them!

  2. I am just finding your site and love the work. I like the center mounted cockpit and wanted to do something similar. One question, what did you use to make the filler area from where the cockpit came from? It does not look like the "greenstuff" modeling medium I am familiar with.

  3. I use plastic card to fill in the space. Have a look at the 1st centered cockpit article to see the step by step process.

  4. I love the YT-1300 with the squared and central pod and the alternate engines. How much do you charge for something like this?

  5. i have to know how you did them are they bought or what place email me