August 2, 2014

Firespray 31 Repaints - Boba Fett & Krassis Trelix

Another repost from the forums:

Also been working on my Firesprays. I was a bit torn between painting up my 2nd one as one of the named pilots or the generic but in the end went with Krassis' Firespray since I seem to run him often when I field one. I started by overpainting the red part with a beige basecoat before layering on the yellow. Then redoing the dark lines and then dirtying up the whole thing. Then I darkened the shoulders before adding a few areas of blue. Then lots of little detail stuff like lines and stuff. Then lots of chipped paint marks all over the place.

After doing Krassis I ended up wanting Boba's Slave 1 a bit stronger colour wise. I went over the red starting with a dark hull red then working up to a brighter red. Then the shoulders got done up in a nice dark military green. Then again lots of paint chips and incidental markings.

Oh and of course several coats of super gloss on the canopies.

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  1. I really like your X-wing posts, incredibly inspirational. I'd promised myself that I wouldn't repaint my ships but now I just might have to ;)