August 2, 2014

Y-wing Ion Turrets

If you have seen the Y-wing miniatures you'd know that despite the turret on the roof being the most useful feature of the ship the actual sculpted detail is barely even suggested. I think it comes down to them being part of the 1st wave of ships. More recent stuff has used separate parts glued on such as the E-wing so I decided to make some better turrets for my Y-wings. I filed down the regular ones then built new turrets from the smallest thickness of Evergreen plastic tubing for the base and plastic rod for the gun barrels. Here's my totally secret plans since the actual turrets are so small in the photos and all white it's a bit hard to make out. These were glued together with plastic cement which made it super easy to put them together. I also tried filing in the bands around the barrels but it's safer to just paint those on cause it really weakens the barrel tips.

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