September 5, 2014

Blockade Runner Engines Glow

Finally got my hands on a Tantive IV and wanted some nice bright engines and not game to put lights inside so TO THE AIRBRUSH!

1st I sprayed white onto the center of each engine

next a good coat of fleuro orange

then sprayed yellow around the middle then white in the center tubes, with a touch more yellow added by brush on the edge of the tube. Then some charcoal grey sprayed on the engines after masking the ends for a touch more contrast.

The corvette and smaller Corellion ship flying past MIR space station.

I also drilled out those horn things at the bottom of the ship. Repainted the red around the bridge window and glossed the window 4 or 5 times to make it nice and shiny.

I'll probably add a lot more shading to the ship but unsure how much weathering to add since the original was relatively clean compared to most Star Wars ships.

The fleet assembles

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