September 6, 2014

Pile of Rebel Scum mods: E-wing, Y-wing, HWK and magnetized B-wings

Some new stuff. Decided today that I wanted to get rid of the big roof gun on my E-wing and give it one of those tiny double barrels turrets like most of the artwork including the LEGO kit of the E-wing has. The original gun peg popped out half way through me cutting it off. Then I made a tiny turret like how I did my Y-wing ones. Also decided to do up a Y-wing ace in dark red a bit like the scum ones. I also did some extra markings on my Z-95s and painted a HWK like Immaterium Press' one cause I really liked it.

Some better shots of the HWK

decided to magnetize my B-wings as well purely so I could get them to take up less room in my carry case

my effort at speeding up setup by having all my ships already on their bases ready to go with their dial

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  1. Funny, I found the post when looking for an E-wing repaint, and saw your version of my HWK color scheme :D If anyone wants to see my model, there's some pics here:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the stock roof cannon on the E-wing. I already popped the cannon off one of mine, and I plan on sculpting an external astromech unit instead of mounting a weapon up there. That'll be for a Corran Horn green E-wing probably, not sure if I'll leave the other one stock or re-paint using standard Red Squad type markings.