July 24, 2008

RGM - Real Glossy Metalics

Some slow progress on the party

with the dragon born I had the idea to make it look like he has laquered armour so painted Tamiya clear red over the middle of the plate sections on top of the drybrushed boltgun metal. The shield was really fiddly.

not much done on here yet

had a fun time doing the inebriated face of the dwarf

still lots to go with Tim but he'll be fun with the lighting effects from the flame

BWAHAHAHHAHA Twisted Evil Got a bunch of lasercut flame markers from Litko in my order from FRP Games (online shop with a huge selection)

1 comment:

  1. May I ask which colors you used to paint the dragonborn's skin (scales)? It looks like bronze to me but I can't tell.