July 9, 2008

Black Cat Bases Pirates review

Quick mini review tonight. Got back from seeing Hancock with some friends and saw there was a few packages waiting for me. 1 from Black Scorpion with a chef mini prize from their last competition, the other big heavy box was the mystery box from Black Cat Bases. They recently advertised a random box of 25 minis from their pirates range for about $60 au. The content of the boxes would apparently be 1 of each of the range split over the boxes they were selling. I've been curious for a while about the quality of their minis, to be honest the pics on their website are discouraging but I've seen some really nice painted examples out there. Also there are some minis in their range I just don't like but I thought bugger it, I'll take a chance and buy a box and just hope for the best.

Well here they all are layed out

gotta say the set I got is great, it's got a lot of the ones I was interested from the range like the carpenter, surgeon, navigator, duelists, dancer (well a variant of her), barkeep, voodoo lady, regular crew guys and a sample of a pygmy and savage,. with a few captain types and an odd vampire thrown in. Only a few dud minis for me, thankfully only one of the ugly marines with the silly hats and an odd servant with a cats head (which is at least easily head swappable).

Here's a scale pic of them next to a selection of my other pirates

they are maybe a tad tall but so are Reaper and Black Scorpion. If I was going to be particularly critical I would say the feet across the range are rather clumpy looking and they are rather stocky looking minis. Also they seem to have rather obvious converted versions of the same minis. The characters are nicely quirky though and should be fun to paint up.

Well that was reviews from Rob for tonight, back to painting buildings.

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