July 25, 2008

More loot

Instead of getting what I have painted I add yet more to the gigantic pirates horde ;)

Look at the stuff that arrived today

This is the Blue Moon Manufacturing - Things that go bump in the night - Colonial American civilians box set. The odd circle bases fit in the middle of warmachine bases thankfully, though they'll still look a bit odd with that lip at the edge. I really wanted the governor style guys.

This is 4 packs of Crusader USA pirates range. They are a bit shorter than my other pirates but not by much.

Here are the 3 packs of Artizan pirates, I love that they have a perfect Mr Gibs and Mr Smee. They have oddly tiny feet in this range.

Here's the new packs of Royal marines along with the ones I already had. Now I need to add bayonets to the older ones.

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