August 18, 2013

Borderlands Buggy - CNC Buggy

You may have spotted the buggy in the background of my smartgunners photo and wondered what it is. I recently picked up the CNC Workshop pair of buggies lasercut kit.

 photo IMG_4089_zpsd9bc7186.jpg

 photo IMG_4088_zpsfdc5d3a2.jpg

The inspiration for the kit was rather obvious to me ;)

 photo Borderlands05_zps7a4e16de.jpg

It's very unusual for a lasercut MDF kit. Every other kit I've built has been a slot together box of slots and sockets. This one was mostly layers and layers of shapes glued together and then trying to putty up the gaps and sand it it all smooth.  As you can see I put in a LOT of work puttying up gaps and sanding shapes into curves from the blockyness of the kit.

 photo IMG_3759_zps89225e48.jpg

 photo IMG_3758_zps1365fdf9.jpg

 photo IMG_3757_zps2bcd7acb.jpg

 photo IMG_3760_zpsf1fe18be.jpg

 photo IMG_3765_zps12a86cba.jpg

 photo IMG_3764_zpsef59f113.jpg

 photo IMG_3763_zps2b7be9cf.jpg

 photo IMG_3762_zps65d07bd4.jpg

 photo IMG_3761_zps233d45a0.jpg

So was it worth all the effort. On one hand hand my carpet is a mess after all that sanding :( but the final result is rather pleasing. I still need to add a heap of grab handles and the guns.

 photo IMG_4080_zpsfaf7d00a.jpg

 photo IMG_4081_zps8633850a.jpg

 photo IMG_4082_zps7a6942b2.jpg

 photo IMG_4084_zps5800c8da.jpg

 photo IMG_4086_zps44c44c01.jpg

The question after finishing it is do I even want to build the 2nd buggy? I guess I'll decide after I paint this one and see the finished result.


  1. I think it looks great, a real step up for CNC.

  2. Truly a sweet ride... but the sheer amount of work that goes into "finishing" (in this case, basically half sculpting) this kit will likely leave many hobbyists looking for something a little less DIY. Still, a clever, clever way to produce something; I see the potential for so much more.

  3. Craig and the guys at CNC really did an amazing job designing the buggy. I can see that you have done a lot of work with the putty to smooth out the body, but do you think it would still be as good without all the puttying?

  4. Well you can see what it looks like unsanded and unputtied on the CNC site It's very blocky looking and there are some big gaps between some of the angled bits on the nose of the buggy. Thing I don't get is why the curved cuts are so sguiggly compared to stuff from Aetherworks which is quite smooth.

    All the same I do think they've done a pretty incredible CAD job in modelling this thing from MDF at all. I'm semi curious to see what their other new vehicle kits are like. But I ordered the vending machines and radar dishes instead, just waiting for them to arrive.

  5. Huh, it actually looks pretty good without any extra work at all. Good enough to game with, anyway.