August 29, 2013

CNC Antenna Dishes

I seem to be on a bit of a kit building thing at the moment, here is another kit from CNC Workshop the double pack of Antenna Dishes. Fairly simple looking kit going by the sprues.

 photo 1fb17610-d5a4-42c3-af3f-e5cbf7edc9ff_zpsc8ae6cb9.jpg

 photo IMG_5368_zps70f7172e.jpg

The build goes together fairly easilly after a lot of clean up sanding. Like the buggy the cut curves aren't as smooth as they could be and there are lots of notches for no particular reason all over the place that you have to sand and putty up. CNC really needs to crank down their laser power too cause the edges are very burnt. Anyway onto the build.

 photo IMG_5375_zpscdbee547.jpg

The base with the gearing is quite nice. You align the gears with the baseplate using toothpicks and predone holes. The arm joints also align using toothpicks, in this case I cut down the toothpicks and glued them in place which let me rotate the joints till I liked the arm pose and glued it in position.

 photo IMG_5373_zps62b69dc5.jpg

 photo IMG_5374_zpsef126e2e.jpg

The only way to really glue together the dish is clamp the ring to the arms, cause they don't quite line up.

 photo IMG_5381_zps7615f77c.jpg

It does look good once the glue dries.

 photo IMG_5382_zpsf3bd51bc.jpg

Then attach to the arm.

 photo IMG_5372_zpsb0d4c474.jpg

And onto the 2nd dish.

 photo IMG_5393_zpsa2cea41a.jpg

You can see I changed out the lasercut cables at the back of the arm with some regular wire and bits of plastic tube but that's the extent of my blinging up on these. I really like them.

 photo IMG_5399_zpsf1d4c002.jpg

 photo IMG_5396_zps372b0e41.jpg

 photo IMG_5389_zpsea02dadc.jpg

 photo IMG_5397_zps193d77ec.jpg

 photo IMG_5399_zpsf1d4c002.jpg

 photo IMG_5400_zpse9044ad6.jpg

After taking most of the pics I decided to fill the gaps on the joints with the rings. Sanded back it's not so messy. I've primed them already too but still deciding how to paint them. Any suggestions?

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