August 28, 2013

Chibi Dungeon Adventurers from Impact Miniatures

Yay another kickstarter has actually arrived. I was totally swayed when this went up with the idea of getting the characters from the classic D&D cartoon in chibi form so had to pledge.

 photo IMG_5338_zps45a534cf.jpg

 photo IMG_5339_zps6207ceab.jpg

 photo IMG_5340_zpsc0f14538.jpg

 photo IMG_5341_zpsdfaefdc2.jpg

 photo IMG_5342_zps5f346f9e.jpg

 photo IMG_5343_zps16202191.jpg

My friend Andrew wanted the ponies... kinda wish I'd gotten one for myself now

 photo IMG_5344_zps475f51a8.jpg

 photo IMG_5345_zps8aadd380.jpg

well that's all of them. I also got the set of dice with the cartoon artwork on them of the characters and some resin bases which were included with the big models.

So what are they like... hmm the quality varies greatly across the range. It's obvious the D&D characters were the 1st sculpted and the initial sculpter didn't have any anime figures to use as reference because the faces just aren't right. The thief is the worse with her eyes stuck on her face instead of set in. It's going to take some surgery with the dremel to fix her somehow. The acrobat also looks weird but I'll leave her be I think. The later models in the range were 3D sculpted and the improvement in sharpness is very noticeable. The red Sonja looking lady with the head seperate from her tiny body shows that improvement off well. The ponies and big monsters are all also 3D sculpted.

 photo IMG_5357_zps8a8f09c1.jpg

I'm pretty sure initially the range was going to be metal but it changed over to resin probably about the same time they decided to make the big monsters really big. The castings are sharp but have a lot of bubble issues. It looks like they were all vac cast but bubbles obviously got trapped on the edges. Also some of the models must have been ripping the molds a bit going by my castings.

 photo IMG_5346_zpse054a87d.jpg

 photo IMG_5347_zps076937bd.jpg

 photo IMG_5348_zpsff170ddb.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zps375ea57c.jpg

 photo IMG_5350_zpsbdcb4d74.jpg

 photo IMG_5351_zps26a70755.jpg

 photo IMG_5352_zps59ecd34b.jpg

 photo IMG_5353_zps4d2cbaa7.jpg

 photo IMG_5354_zps0d79a344.jpg

 photo IMG_5355_zpsd801099a.jpg

 photo IMG_5356_zps3b538011.jpg

 photo IMG_5358_zps5befc218.jpg

 photo IMG_5359_zpsfb374569.jpg

 photo IMG_5360_zps5ee1931e.jpg

Considering most of the bubbles are on the underside of the model you won't see most of them but I'll have a go at filling them anyway, I've seen far worse from GW.

I'll take some comparison photos later comparing these to Super Dungeon Explore characters as I clean them up.

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