December 30, 2014

Army Tank


The one vehicle in the Mars Attacks rulebook that they don't actually make a model for is the army tank. They suggest a retro Sherman tank from Bolt Action but I wanted something a bit more classic B-movie style so it had to be a Patton or Walker tank or something close to it. In 1/48 I had a look at what Academy had on offer since I'd been very happy with the last two kits I'd bought from them. This is the kit I got


It went together very quickly but was a bit of a let down in a bunch of areas.


no bottom to the turret on this one which was rather noticeable so I used thin plastic card to cover the hole with a large hole to not block the mounting peg from the hull.


also the lower hull has gaps and a complete lack of detail for suspension. I think they use the same lower hull on all their 1/48 tanks which accommodates room for gear box and motors for the motorized versions. I hadn't noticed before because the other tanks also had quite nicely detailed side skirts which hid the problem.

Despite the problems the most important thing is for how does it look with the other minis?


maybe a touch tall but pretty good with the soldiers



game wise it's perfect size filling two squares on the map. Also it can face it's turret one direction and it's machine gun cupola in a different direction which also fits the rules.




I think it gives a nice big tank feeling.


So I went on to fix some of the gaps and add a bit more detail from tank parts in the bits box and some plastic card.


Added a some weld detail to the front by putting on a heap of liquid cement then pushing in with a sculpting tool.


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