December 27, 2014


Was surprised to get my copy of Imperial Assault on X-mas eve, was expecting it some time next year since FFG is having a legal tiff with someone over board game licensing I hear.

BIG BOX, lots of lovely tiles, way too many tokens and a good pile of minis. Was a bit annoyed the chin guns on my AT-ST were snapped off in the bag of parts :( I tried supergluing them back together but it didn't stay together so I had to get a bit more drastic and remade the barrels with aluminium tubing.

With that fixed my friends were like how does it compare to your AT-ST collection so here's a representation of the various AT-STs over the years

in the lineup I have a KFC happy meal small version of the old Kenner AT-ST sculpt, a Micromachines Action Fleet AT-ST, the new FFG sculpt, the WOTC prepainted version from the CMG and lastly the oldest of them the snap kit MPC model which dates back to Return of the Jedi branded merch, though this was probably a 90s reissue. So how does the new one scale up, a bit oddly really, it's got the bulk of the WotC version, the height of the more 20mm scaled Action Fleet version due to it's short stocky legs and bigger side guns than any other version, it's kinda been "Heroic Scaled" like 40K oversizing of guns and short stumpy proportions. The detail on it is quite nice though. It's one of only 2 sculpts that have the window shutters open, I cut open and modded the MPC kit. It's made from a fairly stiff vinyl which has pretty alright sharpness but a bit of a pain to sand off mold lines, also don't think I can get the head of the waist to get to all the mold lines either. I do look forward to seeing the character version with even more guns jammed on it like the one from the boss from Force Unleashed.

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  1. In my family three FFG AT-STs were given as gifts and, at the price, I was surprised at the quality. On the back of the cabin one wasn't stuck in properly and had a white snap mark were it had come off the sprue, and another has a white snap mark. Lucky mine was perfect. ;) For a few pounds more we could have bought the Bandai kit with it's top notch Japanese quality. :/