December 29, 2014

Pegasus Scout UFOs finished

It's incredible how much difference a year of practice with an airbrush makes. I started these saucers way back when I was working on the Not Mars Attacks boardgame Invasion from Outer Space I started spraying them silver back then but was very unhappy with the finish I got from the Tamiya silvers. With the official Mars Attacks Martians in hand I got out the airbrush again to finally finish these things. Using Valejo model air metallics this time: Steel, Silver, and a lot of shading which I could actually control properly this time spraying over the vents on the dishes. Also lots of blue glows done in Ultramarine blue followed by P3 Arcane Blue and white inside the cockpit, and under the belly. Pretty happy with the finish in the end. With the seats left out they easily fit in Martian.
  1606324_10152332653950951_5592587009868877639_o10704271_10152332653845951_3444712434971366142_o 1932563_10152332653815951_4694115335152560665_o 10372930_10152332653805951_1231562150003640021_o 10623479_10152332653825951_6891836570070272471_o 10697432_10152332653915951_2953755732345388528_o 10704317_10152332653795951_3374241710000216324_o 10431166_10152332653855951_892068935232654821_o 10541021_10152332653960951_861904971689606232_o 1932777_10152332653955951_5321638375743934257_o

Also since I painted these for PAX the official ones arrived so here's the comparison side by side. They are almost exactly the same size though the canopy is much larger and tougher on the Pegasus ones since it's injected plastic instead of the vac formed ones from Mantic. I think it'd be easy to arm these too since the Mantic ones come with both Heat and Freeze Ray cannons also 2 pilots to choose from should you want a Martian pilot.

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  1. I like yours, they're very streamlined and don't have rear-pointing thrusters, which I feel make flying saucers less distinctive. The insectoid legs are very Mars Attacks! like as well.