August 15, 2015

Building a Warzone Orca Powersuit

On pure whim and the power of cool I grabbed a Warzone Orca suit. Trying to think what to use it for since I don't play Warzone. Maybe for my Colonial Marines or for Relic Knights as a Rust Bucket for the pirates. In any case with it's almost Bioshock Big Daddy look it's a pretty cool mech. Very imposing next to every other gaming mech I had sitting around.

What you get in the box/flimsy giant blister pack

The parts are quite sharply cast and are a nice soft resin quite different from other stuffer more fragile resin I've worked with before. Reminds me of Easycast, it's easy to snip off the pour points and trim off the rest with a knife blade. Not much flash or mold slippage to deal with.

Tried blutacing it together to see what it looked like but it kept falling apart so I got out the small drill bits and pinned the top turret, missile launchers and the legs with a big pin through the hips.

Only things I dislike are the heads on the pilot and gunner and the chin gun which looks like it's in the way of the ammo belt so I trimmed it off leaving the dome it was mounted on as a gunship nose sensor dome looking thing which seems a better idea.

Like I said it's a big mecha 

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