August 26, 2015

Imperial Raider

As soon as you see the huge engine at the back of the Raider model you know it was meant to be airbrushed in some glow, they kept it pretty shallow and not very detailed. Before I started on those though I added a heap of little rectangles of masking tape on the top panels of the ship and did some grey spraying to clean up the underside where the factory wash had pooled in ugly ways and to add some variety of tone to the panels. After that I did several drybrushes of light grey then white. Then I removed all the masking tape masks. Then added shading with soft black and strong tone washes. Either tracing detail or shading a panel area then softening the edge using a q-tip. After all that I did the engine glows using ultramarine blue, arcane blue then white.


  1. Wow that is an impressive model! I like the "pop-up" weapons and the general sleek design. Of course your paint job is great.

  2. The paintjob you did on the ship is stunning, it looks so much better. Even more menacing :).

  3. With your level of skill, I have to imagine that some of these conversions are actually done mid-game.

    "All right, at range one I get +1 attack, and with Advanced Targeting that means that I... that means I... what are you doing?"

    (Master Rob is furiously converting his opponent's Raider.)

    "I am altering your Raider, pray I do not alter it any further."