August 15, 2015

Relic Knights Diamond Back

Had a bit of fun with the airbrush on this built Black Diamond mecha I was asked to paint up. Bit tricky to clean up since they gave it to me prebuilt so I cleaned up what I could see or get to then primed the big fella black with some army painter primer. Started off the armour with some sprayed zenithal P3 Coal Black which is a nice bluish grey colour. Then spayed the glowing blue areas ultramarine blue followed by arcane blue then a touch of white. Then went back and added some shade back in with Matt black. After that was in came the fun stuff the glowy plasma axe. I started by masking the figure with glad warp around everything but the axe and hit it with a can of white primer after trying to airbrush on white wasn't giving me the coverage I wanted. After a bit of drying time I sprayed the axe Model Air medium yellow then after painting the back of the axe mechanical stuff and handle Cryx Bane base for a greenish tinged grey colour to be a touch different from the rest of the mech. Then I got out the Model Air Bloody Red and sprayed the back edge of the blade to give a nice gradient then did some lighting glow on all faces of the mech facing the blade. Very happy with the result. After that I repainted the glowing blue parts Arcane Blue again and edged them in white. Then edged much of the mecha panels in Ash grey and some shade with Cryx Bane before adding a few metallic areas then hit them wth dark tone wash. Pretty happy with the final result. He needs a fancy base now.


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