April 18, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 1

Another repost of a thread from Oz Painters chronicling the crazy detailing of the GW Metal Venerable Dreadnought:

Ultramarine Bling Dreadnought

I've been eyeing up the metal venerable dreadnought for a while, it's full of bits that I hate but also lots of lovely detail. After getting it though I kinda wish I'd spent bigger and gotten a forgeworld one Rolling Eyes

Anyway onto the hacking and grinding and stuff.

Starting at the bottom the 1st hideous thing to go was the ugly chicken clawed feet. I assume they were going for a Robocop 2 Kane feel with the hydraulic claws on the tips of the toes but bleu they look horrible. So I decided to replicate the forgeworld venerable feet using some sentinel ones hacked up.

it added a few mm extra height to the legs too which was nice to balance out the overly tall waist section, though I may grind that down a bit later (the waist that is not the feet)

still need to add the ankles to one foot, I think I'll add some hydraulics to them joining them to the round base area the leg hydraulics attach to. Depends how much shin armour gets in the way though.

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