April 19, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 4

Back, I put in a late nighter and built the new barrels for the gun.

Here was the start point

I cut at the very base of the barrels.

For the new barrels I cut 6 barrels from thin aluminium tubing then some shorter sections to go over the base of the barrels and to also space the barrels apart at the front. I very much wanted the look of spaced barrels at the front like a modern gatling gun rather than have the barrels touching.

To acheive this I needed spacer rings at the front to hold the barrels. I scratched a circle onto a sheet of plastic and then worked out the barrel placement by drilling the center then working out the rest while test fitting the barrels.

I then cut the plastic sheet into 3 parts and layered them together with a clamp so I could use the 1st one as a jig to drill the next 2 rings.

After that I clipped the sheets down to circles and filed them smooth.

Next was the very fiddly process of getting the barrels into place, and more importantly get them even and showing just the right amount of barrel at the front.

Eventually I got it all glued together (after prying the 1st 2 rings apart that accidently got glued together Rolling Eyes )

And here it is bluetacked into place. Kinda wondering if I made it a little too big but it should look right once I've added the detail of the motors and a new chain feed or ammo belt, I'm still trying to work out how to make that. I've sculpted ammo belts before but never had to do 5-6cm of it. A chain feed may be easier to make. I'm going to make a new ammo hopper on the back of the powerplant rather than use the dinky box at the back of the arm. I'll make the current box look like a battery box instead.

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