April 17, 2009

Ork Warboss & the Apprentice

Here I have yet another project on the desk a AOBR plastic warboss I picked up off ebay. I've been working on detailing him up. I'll find the rest of the WIP photos and post em over the weekend. So far I've hacked off his jaw, closed his mouth, reset his big teeth, resculpted the jaw then stuck a bog old metal jaw in front of it covering up all my work Rolling Eyes

I've been working on detailing up the claw too but so far it's mostly been filing it back to make the blades have edges to them and remove the odd angles caused by the molding process. I'll take more picks as stuff gets detailed.

now the vexing part is what to do about the banner. I've sketched up some ideas, let me know which ones you like the most

Found the pics of the head mods

here it is all hacked up cause I hated the open mouth

and pinned back together

and now all green stuffed up the missing bits and the metal jaw jammed over the top

mods to the shoulder, where I had cut off the little skull on a spike and the strap between the shoulder pads which had perfectly followed the mold line, new one is across his shoulders instead.

and completly unrelated apart from I think I did the green stuff work at the same time

Sebastion's jedi in Jedi Adventure Robes. I thought the hood looked too much like a hoody rather than a robe hood so sculpted it out a fair bit.


  1. Awesome job, wondering though thats a cool Jedi model, where did ya pick it up?

  2. Two things. First, I've been digging back through your work and love your stuff. Second, where did you get that Jedi model? Does the guy still make them? Is it a custom order? I so want one! I've been digging through the net for days.

  3. http://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/miniatures/guild-of-harmony-miniatures/karick-dar-apprentice.html

    Here you go