July 4, 2013

Flyers get ya flyers here

Here's a couple toys that could be used as drop ships or objectives in a sci fi game.

 photo IMG_3616_zpsf0e5cc5b.jpg

 photo IMG_3617_zps6d8a853f.jpg

I have to say I loved the design of the Quin Jet in the Avengers and have wanted to pick up a toy of it since the movie but due some oddaity it was never released in Australia. You can buy the much bigger Helicarrier and you can get the Quin Jet in LEGO but none of the toys. This was the 1st version released which I picked up on ebay from the UK for about $44 including postage. There's a later version with slightly different colours and red canopy and another smaller one that is a remote controll vehicle that drives around or something. I went with this one since I'd seen several gamers mod it a bit and repaint it as a drop ship. I liked the idea so grabbed my own.

 photo IMG_3641_zps01d033d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3640_zps802bb9aa.jpg

 photo IMG_3639_zpsdf6be9cb.jpg

 photo IMG_3638_zpse82c37fb.jpg

 photo IMG_3629_zps06334e54.jpg

with some minis for scale

 photo IMG_3626_zpsccc5f554.jpg

 photo IMG_3623_zps6dd5253c.jpg

and ramp lowered.

To mod it properly you'd either want to paint over the canopy or mod the interior to have a couple pilots in place of the one big seat. The canopy isn't very transparent though so it may be easier to just change the frames on the outside so it seems smaller and give some coats of Tamiya smoke over it to be super dark.

For the back transort area I think you need to unscrew the body and do some interior work removing the seat that is in there and maybe putting a couple rows of benches on the sides.

Some missiles or something under the wings wouldn't hurt either. In anycase it's a very nice chunky looking yet sleak flyer.

 photo IMG_3619_zps469bcab9.jpg

 photo IMG_3620_zps4e9a6b90.jpg

This bird on the other hand is a clunky looking giant helicopter. I saw someone post about this being on sale at Big W for $38 and it's possibility as a vehicle for Infinity, problem is we both assumed the figures it was scaled to were LEGO sized (which is pretty much the same size as a space marine) but the figures are actually nearly double that size. So in scale this thing would be a beast of a heavy lift carrier. Though I could totally see this thing dropping off an entire squad of TAGs (the big Landmate style things)

 photo IMG_3631_zps635bd6d3.jpg

 photo IMG_3632_zpsa075ed5e.jpg

Note you'll be putting this baby together for a few hours.

 photo IMG_3634_zps269d4897.jpg

She is big.

 photo IMG_3642_zps7373d819.jpg

 photo IMG_3643_zpsfa1546b0.jpg

 photo IMG_3644_zpsc2f5880b.jpg

 photo IMG_3645_zps34f7a946.jpg

Looking at it, it is kinda huge compared to say a BlackHawk but compared to a Sikorsky (which I think it's based on)  it's a pretty good match. Problem is more that 40K and most other SciFi games seriously undersize it's aircraft.


  1. Wow.. Meccano sure has changed! I have a set of the older stuff that's just plates and girders, but this is both better and worse at the same time.

    By the way, is that a WEG Alien Queen I see fleeing the LZ in the last pic? Nice. Meanwhile the cow is undisturbed ;)

  2. Yeah I was very surprised about how much Mechano has changed, it's a lot like LEGO and MegaBlocks, they seem to have more and more custom parts to make them look more like the kit of the thing they are of but it takes away any freedom you used to have to build what you want. LEGO isn't too bad in this regard but this Mechano set could never be built as anything but this helicopter.

    The Alien queen is a Konami trading figure from a few years ago, it's quite a nice size for miniature gaming.

    The cow and other assorted animals are part of a Yotsuba and monochrome animals set of trading figures I had just got in the mail. I really should clear the table better before taking photos.