July 29, 2013

Score Board Finished

 photo IMG_3749_zpsef962161.jpg

 photo IMG_3744_zps97068d62.jpg

I decided to go black for the score cards so sprayed them all black and masked the main board
   photo IMG_3733_zps0c9e2b78.jpg

then drybrushed them all grey to pick out the edges before trying as hard as possible to paint in the numbers cleanly white. Then used black to clean up their edges. I put some effort into doing up some nice looking wood grain effect on the back of the cards and the board but of course didn't take photos XD take my word for it. Of course when you pull out the airbrush to paint one thing you may as well spray some other stuff too
   photo IMG_3735_zps0d3144c0.jpg

try and guess what all this random stuff is ;)
   photo IMG_3734_zpsb3561fb2.jpg
 photo IMG_3736_zps501afc59.jpg

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