May 1, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 10

So onto another update, damn this thing is taking a long time or I'm working slow, hard to say which.

Here's the banner I've been slaving over, filing down a resin base then heating it twisting it, reculpting most of the bits I've ground off in trying to make it flatter. The whole back of it is pretty much filler putty. For the rope I tried using a long bit of copper wire looped over my desk handle then I put the other ends in my dremel and turned it on at low speed, it did a great consistent twist the full length of the wire in like 2 seconds, sure beats doing it by hand.

I'm not sure if I should hang some icons off the middle bit of the rope over the banner or keep it clear to just paint the banner.

I sawed off the corners that went over the edge of the base and filed and sanded them back then gooped over the gaps with plaster filler, man it looks like cake frosting in the photo. I'll sand this back tonight then try milliput or the basic putty to fill it up more and get a smooth edge. How do other people do these cut off bases? should I wrap some plastic sheet around the edge to get a clean surface or is the putty and a lot of sanding the way to go?

After a lot of hours while watching TV I hand drilled each link and threaded em on a bit of wire. This can't have been the best way to do it but it will be sturdy at least. I'll start gluing it on tonight then detail up the links.

Here he is with the banner on and I finally got around to that extra gun detailing, I also added a sensor thingy to the top of his shoulder.

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