May 8, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 13

I think I've been infected by those crazy guard scratchbuilders. I went nuts with hinges and rivets and stuff detailing the ammo drum.

and the gun a bit more

I finally got around to drilling into the base and seeing what he looks like in position. Considering his tendency to still tilt I think I need much thicker pins through his feet holding him down. He sure is a top heavy bugger.

Here he is with his buddy Jnr.

and some dramatic closeups from up close and low

Man there is an insane amount of gribbly junk back there. Painting his unarmoured back concerns be. Most people do all the details in straight metal. Numbat suggests putting in little hazard stripe areas to break it up but there is so much of it.

I think I should still put actuators from his ankles to his toes, the ankle joint is insanely skinny looking considering his bulk. Some detail to fill out the area might help. Apart from that I might put some rivets around his hand arm but can't think of much else to add. Well apart from more stuff at the front of the base. It needs something, not sure if the hiding chaos guy is it.

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