May 17, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 16

Few updates to the base

I followed the tile idea and cut and glued in some textured plasticard.

next is cutting up lots of aluminium tubing for the spent shells. I was going to use plastic rod but none of the stuff I had looked thick enough. So in the end I made my self a lot more work but I think the results were worth it.

after cutting all the pieces I put them in the chuck of my dremel and bevelled the tip down

It took a while Rolling Eyes I also puttied up the flat end of each shell.

I went for a good random look by putting down a fair bit of super glue and just sprinkling them on, then placed on the ones that didn't fit bellow up top.

For the other side of the base I got the idea to have a servitor skull floating just off the edge.

I started with a resin skull and just went with the flow and stuck on wires and plastic rod and card and stuff.

I drilled in a hole and there it is

Well that's it modelling wise. I've primed it today.

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