May 7, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 12

Back again, was busy seeing movies and stuff last few days. Wolverine has good action bits but a dumb story, and a complete PG lack of blood totally not in keeping with the fights happening on screen. Star Trek on the other hand was awesome, a time travel story that made sense, good action, good acting, nice effects that fit in. Go see it Smile

OK enough movie reviews, back to the Dread. I spent a heap of hours last night cutting up little bits of 3mm x 1mm plastic strips and gluing them onto the ammo feed. I initially was cutting strips by eye but soon realised what a dumb idea that was and measured it all out instead, scoreing the plastic across then down. Then methodically snapping apart the bits with pliars.

then with a pool of liquid cement I started sticking the pieces and gluing them on starting at one end and working my way down. I don't have to really say this took a long time Rolling Eyes

This of course drove me nuts, and not just on the glue fumes Shocked so I added some other random details around the gun and on the body for a break, like adding a bunch of rivets to the hull

Also stuck on a spare Ultra logo I'd made a bit too big to use on the dread onto a plastic Terminator, seems a good fit. Now I'll have to make enough for the squad.

I eventually got all the belt done then started on the feeder thingy on the ammo box. Wasn't quite sure how to do it till I just plain made it as a box over the belt attachment. I worked out what shape to go with, keeping the angled lines of the shoulder piece and drawing it on the plastic card, then I cut 2 pieces and sawed in a couple grooves along the sides of the ammo belt into the drum. This is much easier than filing a perfect curved edge into the side pieces to match the drum. I then glued em into position.

Then glued on the lid and an edge along the bottom, and puttied the edges where I had snapped/bent the plastic card.

After some filing this morning I got sharp edges. It still needs say a line of rivets, maybe some hinges and at least a skull or something on the lid.

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