October 3, 2012

MOAB Loots

Just like every year I try and flog some stuff in the Bring & Buy and always come home with more than I get rid of. Alas that's the way of things.





Sooooo what did I get: A nice bridge from Pegasus Hobbies, 2 barricade sets from Secret Weapon (more on these later), some good GW Ork barricades, a bunch of bits and a cool GW metal pirate ogre as well as some resin Sister of Battle appropriate bases from a Bits seller that set up a stand from Canberra will post a link to him later. My sanity may be questioned for this but I picked up a starter and some terrain sets for Uncharted Seas, seems everyone has abandoned the game for Dystopian Wars but I love the look of the tall ships in the Human sets and it was less than half price. Lastly I grabbed a bunch of LOTR minis from Bring & Buy, getting the Tom Bombodill and Goldberry set loose for $10 was a steal. Last day of the con I also grabbed some more Malifaux, I picked up a Miss Pack in Bring & Buy so picked up a McMourning starter set and morgue bases along with a very cool Frankenstein monster from Carnivalle a new skirmish game that Aetherworks was selling.

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