October 12, 2012

New Train - Fast Lane "Western Express"

Hey folks I picked up a new train today from Toys R Us, just curious if anyone else has painted or modded up one of these.I did a repaint on the smaller Fast Lane trains I picked up a few years ago and started a bit of a flood of other trains in the Warmachine forums. This one uses the same gauge of track but has pivoting bogeys and is a fair bit bigger.

nice you can easily fit 40mm bases in the goods car and with a bit of a squeeze a 50mm fits.

the half a train station is nicely scaled for minis too, helpfully I have another half from the previous train so can glue the two together to make a whole building, it could use a platform though.

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  1. I've played on the trains from this PG's stock. http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?76568-My-First-Train-Set I had a lot of fun playing on it and want to buy my own set.