May 13, 2013

C.Hoffman finished and some basing WIPs

 photo IMG_2935_zpsa68aad79.jpg

 photo IMG_2933_zps8eee8e82.jpg

 photo IMG_2937_zpse720cdec.jpg

 photo IMG_2942_zps896a638e.jpg

 photo IMG_2942_zps896a638e.jpg

I finished up Hoffman's exo frame on the weekend and attached it to his back and base. I made it a bit brighter than the mostly copper of the other robots so far. I may yet highlight them a touch more.

 photo IMG_2944_zps3dbcbbef.jpg

What do you think of having little gems on the ports on his carapace? I'm a bit undecided at the moment so they aren't glued in yet.

 photo IMG_2919_zps584892e3.jpg

 photo IMG_2930_zps4eddaca8.jpg

 photo IMG_2932_zps1169de01.jpg

Worked up some basing for these 3 using the same materials as the rest. A few placed rocks, a couple bits of coffee stirrer split in two and some plastic cacti from Pegasus. I'll do a separate post with the stages of painting them up and the colours I used.

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  1. I don't personally like the style of the miniatures for this system. There is something about them that puts me off. No idea why it is a purely personal thing.

    HOWEVER, these are simply amazing. The depth of colour and the level of detail is stunning. Keen to see more.