May 1, 2013

He's a Rocket Man... Hoffman's Crew Malifaux

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After converting the PeaceKeeper I mostly intended to do up the rest of Hoffman's crew as pretty stock. They seem to be cast in the most bendy metal I've had to work with over the years so I was having a hard enough time cleaning off mold lines while limbs were bending all over the place to really worry about doing interesting stuff. I did however get an idea of doing something interesting with the flying Watcher.

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The Guardian got his legs pinned on and down onto a simple bit of decking base made from coffee stirrers. I've also drilled out the chest power gem he had to later put in one of those shiny gems I got for the spider a few posts back.

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The Hunter was a bit of a pain to assemble, it's open stride does not fit on it's base and I had to do a lot of leg bending to get it to just fit, even then that space is stretched out a bit by adding the wagon wheel at the front for it to perch on. I can't count the number of times it's harpoon has been straightened too. Really wonder if I should have replaced that with a bit of wire and sculpted a new tip. Like the Guardian I've also drilled out the power gem on it's back.

 photo IMG_2783_zps4f88c6e4.jpg

 photo IMG_2782_zps9ed0b4b1.jpg

Not really part of Hoffman's crew but it got assembled along with them is the Large Steampunk Arachnid. Did a bit of converting adding some panels and pipes and a valve handle on it's but instead of the weird stinger.

 photo IMG_2784_zpsecac8736.jpg

 photo IMG_2786_zps5d26d3a9.jpg

Hoffman and his helper robot have the most incredibly fragile arms on their back. After taking these photos I ended up gluing bits of wire onto the sides of them to stop them bending and twisting constantly. I'll update the pics later showing what I mean. Something I'm unsure of with Hoffman is whether he is supposed to be suspended in the air a bit by his robot harness. It's confusing because the miniature tab is under his feet and they are sculpted flat but the harness attached properly lifts him several mm off the base. In the end I added a bit of decking under his feet and bent the toes of the robot feet down to touch the rim of the plastic base. It's a bit odd like this but it'll hold securely when I glue it down.

 photo IMG_2756_zps0ca50207.jpg

 photo IMG_2757_zps8bec06bc.jpg

Now the reason for that Rocket Man title. The Watcher is an odd fragile looking thing that most people base stuck to the side of some bit of terrain on it's base, be it a tall rock or a lampost or archway or something. Instead I wanted to try and make a rocket blast coming out of it's jet pack on it's back. I got inspired by the rocket blast special effect addons that Shawn Lux sculpted for Armorcast. I didn't have any on hand so decided to make my own.

 photo IMG_2759_zpsb274e2b2.jpg

 photo IMG_2760_zps0a1c7498.jpg

the start of the base is just a bit of bent wire glued into the tab of the base that goes into holes drilled into the bottom of the jet pack.

 photo IMG_2761_zpsc2462f1f.jpg

a bit more inspiration to give you an idea of what I'm doing. The figure is from Dark Void (a kinda OK game with a very Rocketeer vs Aliens thing going on)

 photo IMG_2796_zpsdf5a05ce.jpg

 photo IMG_2797_zps52959627.jpg

 photo IMG_2795_zps5aa22481.jpg

 photo IMG_2793_zpscabdf5b8.jpg

I got this far on the 1st night of sculpting

 photo IMG_2798_zps616888d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2799_zpse7eed238.jpg

 photo IMG_2800_zpsafd19b5b.jpg

 photo IMG_2801_zps8f7bd1a1.jpg

and the 2nd night I cut back a bit of my flames to shape them better then added a pile more green stuff billowing smoke plus bits of flame poking out all over the place at the edges plus gave a bit more shape at the top of the flames.

 photo IMG_2815_zpsb82ac24c.jpg

 photo IMG_2814_zps3916b3a7.jpg

 photo IMG_2810_zps3c4c7ca4.jpg

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 photo IMG_2805_zps28230e89.jpg

 photo IMG_2804_zpsc18c94d1.jpg

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Pretty happy with the result. Hopefully it paints up well.

Now I just need to base up the Mechanical Attendant and maybe buy a Mobile Toolkit or a Warden.

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