May 7, 2013

They said Airbrushing was easy - Hoffman's Crew Continued

After the fun packed day of Free Comic Book Day and a concert of Axis of Awesome with my friends I got stuck into painting the crew. Following on from the bizarre order I've done a lot of my western minis I started by painting the bases. Guess I was putting off setting up the airbrush as well.

 photo IMG_2823_zps0d615a56.jpg

here they've all had a base coat of earth brown on the ground and khaki on the cacti

 photo IMG_2846_zps20514fe5.jpg

here they are again after a bunch of drybrushing and some washes to define areas like the rocks and the cacti for more colour and a bunch of darkening and weathering on the wood painting on streaks of grey and washes of dark brown. They still need flock though which drove me nuts cause I couldn't find where the damn stuff was hiding :(

 photo IMG_2854_zpsa37a6b43.jpg

 photo IMG_2855_zps8984ecfb.jpg

I did find the grass clumps though which was enough to finish off Bette Noir's base so I could stick her down and call her finished. (That's one down for my McMourning Crew)

 photo IMG_2825_zps6fe88b29.jpg

Everything was given a base coat of Tamiya flat black. I think I should have used the single action airbrush for this, using my fine tip double action took ages to do. Also I really should have given them a coat of MrSurfacer or some other primer 1st, I think this stuff may rub off down the track. Hopefully a finish lacquer will hold everything down at the end.

 photo IMG_2829_zps33576eb1.jpg

Next step I had hoped to spray the highlight areas with copper leaving dark recesses. That didn't work out. The metallic paint behaved very differently and was quite spitty. So I had to basecoat everything in copper instead.

 photo IMG_2830_zpse4cfc99b.jpg

 photo IMG_2834_zps441ce45c.jpg

 photo IMG_2835_zps7022fe43.jpg

 photo IMG_2836_zps4a2fdd82.jpg

quite a bit of temp basing and clamps were used to hold on to the models while spraying.

 photo IMG_2879_zps1b29c98b.jpg

 photo IMG_2877_zps96f930fd.jpg

 photo IMG_2878_zpsb64a70bd.jpg

 photo IMG_2874_zpsdd152b97.jpg

 photo IMG_2875_zps48219dd7.jpg

 photo IMG_2880_zps7a28b8ab.jpg

 photo IMG_2876_zps7f4a24c0.jpg

 photo IMG_2873_zps65d1b452.jpg

The next day in a marathon session I thinned down flat black and airbrushed in shading all over the models. Now this is very new to me so I may have gotten carried away but I was spraying rivets and crevices and panel lines and adding shadows underneath.  It gives a very different look to just using washes for shading.

 photo IMG_2883_zpsebe01c66.jpg

 photo IMG_2891_zps865a5262.jpg

 photo IMG_2895_zps419f23cc.jpg

The helper robot is the closest to finished. I've added a bit more copper on the round surfaces and a touch of brass for highlights. Then I used boltgun metal to add some contrast with some steel areas. I've also added one of the green gems for his eye to see how they'll look. Very very bright in real life.

 photo IMG_2824_zpsbf800855.jpg

The rocket blast was really relying on the airbrush for the right look. I started with a coat of yellow all over by brush over the white primer.

 photo IMG_2839_zps7b699e2d.jpg

Then I airbrushed on some Citadel orange ink around the bottom of the flames and over the base. Then I painted some raised areas with a touch of yellow with a brush.

 photo IMG_2862_zps6f3801b4.jpg

 photo IMG_2864_zps5b337895.jpg

Along with the shading on the models I went in with the black and airbrushed black onto the smoke clouds around the flame column. Each blob was carefully sprayed leaving orange in the gaps.

 photo IMG_2871_zps2ad86bf5.jpg

 photo IMG_2872_zps5acdf0a1.jpg

The Watcher still has a ways to go but it already looks striking perched on the rocket blast.

 photo IMG_2897_zps4f3f30b7.jpg

Lastly I started painting Hoffman himself.


  1. Great read and some fantastic pictures to go along with that. I really like how the crew is coming along.

  2. Beautiful work, even the basing!