May 10, 2013

Hoffman ... C. Hoffman at your service

Bit more progress on the crew, painting till the wee hours of the night with the last Star Trek movie playing in the background getting me eager to see the new movie.

 photo IMG_2902_zpsaabc4f4a.jpg

 photo IMG_2898_zpsbebdb730.jpg

I've pretty closely followed the official paint scheme for Hoffman himself cause it does actually go well with my metallic colour scheme I'm painting the robots. I've also added some grass tufts to all the bases. So the Mechanical Attendant is now finished and glued down to his base.

 photo IMG_2906_zps4e520a22.jpg

 photo IMG_2904_zps26bcebcd.jpg

 photo IMG_2914_zps73838986.jpg

 photo IMG_2907_zpsbdd42fae.jpg

 photo IMG_2913_zps2e6ffd42.jpg

 photo IMG_2918_zpsf5b80010.jpg

As you can see the experiment in the sparkly gems on the minis has worked quite nicely, they're hugely reflective and just shine under pretty much any light. I've put a bunch on the Robogear spider to give the look of a Jumping Spider's face.

 photo IMG_2190_zps84fe0ce7.jpg

These are the source from a local dollar store if you missed the Robogear Spider post.

 photo IMG_2919_zps584892e3.jpg

Lastly I bought the last two robots for Hoffman's crew a Mobile Toolkit and a Warden. The toolkit was damn fiddly to clean up and glue those fragile arms. I've drilled out the eye and chest power gem things to later put my gems. The last spindly guy is Jeeves, the clockwork robot from Reaper. I've lopped off his tiny head to later put a big gem there instead. I have no idea what to use him for but may as well paint him with the rest of the steampunk robots. Oh I have to recommend the primer I used on these guys Mr Surfacer 500, it sinks like hell (leave it to dry overnight outside) but it's coverage in a single spray is very good and it really dries close to the surface without obscuring detail like a lot of sprays do.

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